About 10 years ago I did a two year course in photography as part of my  College A Levels. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but my calling at that time was filmmaking, particularly the editing process and that's what I went on to study at University and I have had a successful career in video editing and animation ever since.
It wasn't until 4 years ago that I picked up a camera again and fell back in love with photography. Every chance I got I would go for walks with my camera looking for insects, flowers, any interesting little detail that would otherwise be missed. On the days where the weather wasn't great (living in the UK those days were quite often), I would shoot the inanimate objects around the house, including my ever-growing collection of LEGO Minifigures. I soon began to make scenes and started lighting them. The more I did this the more cinematic these images got, and it became a very cathartic process.
In January 2018 I started the instagram account @TinyEpicPhotos, and I was very quickly welcomed into a community of hundreds, maybe even thousands of toy photographers. It's been a wonderful experience to be constantly inspired and to find a place amongst these artists. It's been amazing experience to challenge myself to create images that are not only cinematic, but that pay homage to a film, a video game or comic book character that I grew up loving.  I hop to continuing creating these images for as long as I can hold a camera. 
~ Dan Leonard ~